Control of traffic light infringements:

The first reference is Article 41 of the Highway Code (Legislative Decree 285/92), which in the paragraphs of 9/10/11 regulates the passage of vehicles to traffic lights.

During the period when the green is lit, the vehicles can proceed in all directions allowed by the vertical and horizontal signs but they cannot engage the intersection area if the drivers are not sure of being able to clear it before turning on the red light (.. .).

During the yellow ignition period the vehicles cannot pass the stop strip unless they are so close to each other when the yellow light comes on that they can no longer stop in sufficiently safe conditions; in this case they must promptly clear the intersection area with due caution.

During the red ignition period the vehicles must not exceed the stop strip; in the absence of such a strip the vehicles must not engage the intersection area, nor the pedestrian crossing, nor pass the signal, so as to be able to observe the indications.

Electronic speed control:

The rules regulating speed limits and the sactions for those who do not abide by them are fundamentally established in article 142 of the Rules of the Road; in addition in some cases the abbreviation of points is foreseen in accordance with art. 126 bis CdS. (add. Rules of the Road).

The directives of the Minister of the Interior Prot. 300/A/10307/09/144/5/20/3 of 14/08/2009 (Direttiva Maroni) and Prot. n. 300/A/5620/17/144/5/20/3 of 21/07/2017 (Direttiva Minniti) have defined specific operating instructions for activities to prevent the traffic accident phenomenon through the control of the speed limit using speed enforcement devices.

Article 4 of the Decree law 121 (2002) converted with modifications by Law 168/02 establishes, among other things, that such devices can be used by traffic police organs both on type B roads as well as on type C roads.

The installation of speed enforcement devices on type C roads must be set up on stretches identified by a special decree by the Prefect.

The devices installed have been approved by Executive decrees of the Ministry of the Infrastructure and Transportation.

  • Synthesis of art. 142 of the Rules of the Road: fines and other sanctions (abbreviation of points and sospension of driver’s license)
  • Synthesis of art. 146 of the Rules of the Road: fines and other sanctions (abbreviation of points and sospension of driver’s license)
  • Prefectural decree Prot. 50805 of 09/03/2011
  • Executive Decree Register Prot. 1550 of 17/03/2017 – Approval of EnVES EVO MVD 1605
  • Executive Decree Register Prot. 4020 of 21/06/2017 – Approval extension of EnVES EVO MVD 1605
  • Ministry of the Interior Guidelines (14 August 2009) (aka “Maroni Guidelines”)
  • Ministry of the Interior Guidelines (21 July 2017) (aka “Minniti Guidelines”)

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